Day of Mourning

Resources for the national Day of Mourning March 1""

More than 400 people with disabilities have been killed by their family or caregivers in the last five years. Usually, the media are quick to erase their humanity and justify their murder.  The Day of Mourning is a time to remember them and to demand justice for people with disabilities.  Vigils to commemorate this day have been held around the country for the last 6 years, led by the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network and other organizations of people with disabilities.

There are many ways to participate.  Is there a vigil scheduled in our community?  How could our congregation organize one?  Could we honor this through our social media? What about participating in the national on-line vigil?

EqUUal Access has a toolkit to help.  Day of Mourning Toolkit for UU Congregations